Cycle Station Yelp!

Cycle Station Yelp!Yelp!… one of the fastest growing scams on the internet.

The idea of Yelp is wonderful. “Real People, Real Reviews“. Consumers visit businesses, write reviews about their experience, and the business receives a star rating. Sounds great right? We thought so too! After all, we at Cycle Station take pride in pleasing our customers. Of course you can’t please everyone and it would be unrealistic to think otherwise… but we’re willing to take the bad with the good because we have confidence in the service we provide.

The problem isn’t the rating system. Other large websites employ the same model. Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Angie’s list for a few examples. It’s the power that this “star rating” model yields that’s the problem. Yelp knows this, and they leverage this to bully money out of businesses who in good intentions sign up for their services.

We wouldn’t expect you to believe our story, as Cycle Station’s Yelp has no more than three stars on any given day. We’re probably just defending our poor star rating right? We’re asking you to please do your own research on Yelp’s business practices (especially if you’re a business owner). We’ll give you a few places to start below. Once your eyes have been opened to the dark world of Yelp… it’ll snowball from there.

If you want to see many other businesses who’s rating’s plummeted after declining Yelp’s $350 a month advertising, please visit

Here’s a fun little video done by The Washington Post to give you a taste of Yelp’s shenanigans, which my help provoke you to research Yelp’s extortion tactics a little more.

If you’re a business who’s currently being extorted by Yelp, visit Julian McMillian’s law office page: He may be able to help.

We also encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC here: