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How do I know what size to get?

How well the bicycle fits you can often be more important than the bicycle you choose. There are general size charts available on the internet that will provide a range of appropriate frame sizes. These are usually based on height or inseam measurements and assume the rest of the measurements based on averages. Every person’s proportions of leg-to-torso, reach and flexibility are slightly different. Additionally, the reach (a combination of top tub length and stem height) can vary greatly between bicycle manufactures and models. That’s why Cycle Station doesn’t ship bikes sold through a shopping cart over the internet. Before we finalize the sale of a bike, we want to fit you to the proper size and model to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. Cycling shouldn’t be uncomfortable!

What kind of bike should I get?

When you’re looking at purchasing a new bike, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before selecting a new bicycle.

  • Purpose: Why do you want to ride a bicycle? Will you be riding it for a specific purpose? (Examples: Fun, fitness, cyclocross, triathlon, hauling cargo, etc.)
  • Terrain: Will you be riding on paved surfaces, unpaved, or both? (Examples: Gravel roads, streets, bike paths, off-road trails, etc.)
  • Posture: Do you want a lighter, quicker ride or a casual more comfortable ride? (Or somewhere in between?)
  • Frequency: How often will you be riding? (Occasional use, regular commuter, or somewhere in between?)
  • Price: What is more important, the least expensive option or what best meets your needs? (Don’t worry – we have bikes in all price ranges)

The following is a brief overview of the bicycle categories to choose from. The best way to find out more about any of these categories and how they might fit your lifestyle and goals is to stop by and chat with one of our specialists. We won’t just sell you want we have on the floor; it is our priority to find the bike that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are light and fast bikes designed to fly over pavement for racing, recreation or both. They feature lightweight frames, drop bars, skinny tires, and clipless pedals. Higher-end bikes will be made of carbon or high-tech aluminum. Road bikes are built for speed, but that doesn’t mean a road bike can’t be comfortable. If you don’t feel comfy and confident in the saddle, keep looking, because either the model or the fit isn’t right for you.

  • Race Performance: These high-tech, high-performance carbon bikes are light, fast and strong with unparalleled comfort (like absorbing road vibrations).
  • Sport: These bikes share many characteristics with Race bikes, but are built with more affordable materials and components.
  • Triathlon: Made specifically for triathlons with unique aerodynamic frame geometry and incorporated aerobars for long, fast rides.
  • Cyclocross: Made specifically for the Cyclocross sport with unique frame geometry and cantilever brakes to support the wider tires and better stopping in muddy and rainy conditions. Available in carbon, aluminum and steel.
  • Touring: Maximum load capacity, comfort, stability and durability (steel frame) for touring (long road trips w/gear).

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built for off-road trail use. These bikes have flat handlebars for precise steering and big, knobby tires for traction. Almost all mountain bikes employ suspension to smooth out bumps and keep your wheels in contact with the trail. The rougher the bike’s intended terrain, the more travel the suspension will have. Higher-end models have carbon frames, but light, tough aluminum is the most common frame material.

  • Cross Country/Race Full Suspension: Superlight, made to go fast (Hardtails to ~ 100mm travel*).
  • Single Track/Cross Country:Medium travel and lightweight bikes that climb well as well as descend (~ travel 120mm).
  • Technical Trail/All Mountain:Longer travel for more rugged terrain yet still easy to pedal uphill (~150-160mm travel).
  • Gravity: Big hit downhill bikes (~180mm travel) and dirt jump bikes. These bikes are built for one primary purpose; riding downhill very fast (downhill bikes) and tricks at the park (dirt jump bikes).
  • Sport: Great exploring bikes, for casual trail riders or off-road beginners at a budget price. They are built to withstand riding off curbs, your first single track or your first race.

Fun and Fitness Bikes

Bikes in this category represent a wide spectrum of uses from urban commuting to fitness, to recreation. These bikes have flat handlebars and a heads-up riding position. A wide range of gearing options and practical accessories are available, such as racks, fenders, and lights. Many people who are new to cycling often start in this category because they are so versatile.

  • Fitness Bikes: These light, versatile bikes are right on the border between road and town bikes. They are lightweight and fast, but have straight handlebars and are easy to commute on. These are some of our best-selling bikes.
  • Utility/Commuter: Looking to replace some or all of your car miles with a bike? These practical bikes are made for you. They come fully equipped with racks and fenders for carrying cargo and models with disc brakes are made for all-weather commuting. Some of these models also feature an electric-assist for a sweat-free commute.
  • Urban: Style and street smarts are the hallmark of urban bikes. They’re the hipsters of the bike world. Some models are available in single speeds and/or fixed gears for extra hipness.
  • Dual Sport: Town bikes with plenty of mountain-bike attitude. Great for city riding, but ready for light trails as well.
  • Recreation: These bikes are all about fun, ease and ultimate comfort. Perfect for neighborhood rides with the family or light errand runs. These often come with super comfy seats, an upright stance and comfortable bars.
  • Cruisers: Built for the beach, even if the beach is just a state of mind. These bikes are built for style and fun. These models generally have a very upright stance and very low bars.

Used Bikes

Used bikes can sometimes be a good option but there are some things to watch out for. Most importantly, you should make sure the bike fits you properly, otherwise it will be uncomfortable or unsafe (for example if the seat is past the maximum extension point). Additionally, you should make sure the components are in good shape, otherwise they will need replacing. Some of the parts, like cranks or derailleurs can be expensive to replace. And lastly, you want to make sure you examine the frame and fork to make sure there are no nicks or cracks that might make the bike unsafe to ride (this is especially important for carbon bikes).

Women-specific design (WSD) bikes are made to fit women better than unisex or men’s bikes. What makes them unique?

  • Optimal Frame Geometry:Women-specific bikes feature the right reach, optimal hand position, and a range of sizes to maximize your comfort, control, and pedaling power. WSD bikes feature a full complement of components, from stems to seatposts, spec’d and sized to fit women right from the start. The bottom-line is that you will be more comfortable and in control.For example, WSD road bike models generally have a shorter reach that is more comfortable for smaller hands and it allows easy access to the brake levers. Additionally, WSD models generally come with narrower handlebars to allow for a more natural wrist position and shorter drops to allow you to get into a lower position without sacrificing comfort.
  • WSD Saddle: Women-specific bikes come with a saddle designed especially for women. Gender specific WSD saddles are sized and shaped specifically for the unique anatomical needs of a woman’s pelvis, providing the advanced support and pressure relief you need to be comfortable. This allows increased blood flow to sensitive soft tissue and alleviates discomfort by evenly distributing saddle pressure.
  • Gear Options: Most WSD bikes come in several different gearing options. A triple cassette has more gears on the low end to help you power up hills and taller high-end gearing for maximum speed. A compact cassette keeps things light and smooth.
  • Unique Styling: WSD are often styles are often more fun since they’re designed with women in mind.