Bike Repairs

Cycle Station is committed to keeping your bike working perfectly.  Whether you need a small adjustment, a maintenance visit or a major overhaul, our mechanics, with over 55years of combined experience, ensure your service is prompt and complete.  We aim to provide the best service possible by having all the necessary tools and parts on hand.

Because we stock a wealth of upgrades and replacement components, we can get your bike back to you right away with parts that fit precisely. No wonder so many people choose our service department for regular maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Since we’re every-day riders too, we can also offer good advice, money-saving tips, and practical solutions to whatever challenge you meet on the island streets. A well-maintained, well-adjusted bicycle is a joy to ride. Smart riders know the value of excellent service. They bring their bikes to Cycle Station.

Let our expert service department handle your bike repairs, upgrades and regular maintenance. Most minor repairs can be done while you wait or drop your bike off at Cycle Station, shop at CostCo and pick it up on the way home.

Di2 Certified.

Bike Repair Rates