2013 Scott Foil

The 2013 Scott Foil is almost in a class of it’s own. The F01 Technology is based on the theory that a partial airfoil shape without the trailing edge can produce the same aerodynamic advantage as a traditional foil shape. Modern foil shapes are largely based on models and ratios created for airplanes by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), but because bicycles attain speeds far less than those of airplanes, these ratios do not necessarily apply to bikes. Scott Aero Science engineers developed F01 Technology to create unique, bicycle specific tube shapes which maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower air speeds.

Every tube in Scott’s Foil frame is oriented in relation to the leading edges of the downtube and headtube, as these are the first points of contact for any wind influence. The rear seatstays are oriented 4 degrees from the seat tube plane to route air from the front triangle around the rear triangle cleanly, and are constructed with a carbon layup that additionally results in vertical compliance.

The downtube flares at the oversized bottom bracket junction, achieving several design goals. This construction adds lateral stiffness without increasing wall thickness, and the new bottom bracket mold disperses loads to effectively halve the stress on this crucial junction. The shape of the downtube and bottom bracket carries seamlessly into the chainstays, further reducing turbulence and creating an additional aerodynamic benefit. Also, the drive-side outer diameter of the bottom bracket conveniently accommodates an SRM or power meter.

Scotts engineers developed IMP™, the newest technology applied to carbon production. Our proprietary process allows for lighter construction by removing 11% of the material from the headtube intersection while increasing strength by utilizing high modulus stressed fibers for more precise fiber placement in critical areas. To compliment the IMP™ process, our frames benefit from our Naked External Tubeset™ which eliminates the cosmetic carbon layer to shave precious grams. Both HMX and HMF fibers are used in our carbon frames ensuring the utmost durability, security, and longevity for the frame.”

Scott Foil is Performance! 2012 Scott Foils On Sale at Cycle Station.

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